Orange High Temp Silicone Convection Blower Gasket (15-1033)

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Orange High Temp Silicone Convection Blower Gasket (15-1033)

Replacement orange hi temp silicone reusable convection blower gasket for many brands of pellet stoves. Fits the following pellet stove models:

Breckwell: P22 Maverick, P22i Maverick, P23 Sonora, P23i Sonora, P24 Blazer, P24i Blazer, P1000 Big E, P2000 Tahoe, P2000i Tahoe, P2700 Mojave, P4000 Classic Cast, P6000 Heartland, P7000 Solstice

Replacement for Breckwell part # C-G-100 

US Stove: Bay Front 5660, 5040 Pellet Heater

Replacement for US Stove part # 88167

Vogelzang: VG5770, VG5790

Replacement for US Stove part # 88167

Ashley: AP5770, AP5790

Replacement for US Stove part # 88167

Whitfield: Advantage I (WP2), Advantage II (WP2), Advantage II-T (WP2), Advantage III (WP2), Advantage II-T Classic (WP2), Advantage Plus (WP7), Cascade (WP5), Advantage Optima 2 (AO2), Advantage Optima 3 (AO3), Profile 20 (P9), Profile 30 (P10), Quest (WP4), Quest Plus (WP4)

Replacement for Whitfield part # 61057203

Traditions: T300P (P11), T301P (P11), T305P (P11), T308P (P11)

Replacement for Traditions part # 61057203

Lennox Elite Series: Montage 32FS

Replacement for Lennox part # 61057203

Country Stove Pellet Stoves: Bella

Replacement for Country Stove part # 61057203

Lennox: Winslow PI40, Winslow PS40

Replaces Lennox part # H5902

Bosca: Classic 500, Spirit 500, Soul 700

Replacement for Bosca part # 12720009

Enviro: EF2, EF3, EF4, Empress FPI, Meridian, Milan, Solus 

Replaces Enviro part numbers EF-006 & EF4i-006 

Hudson River: Chatham, Davenport, Kinderhook

Replaces Hudson River part numbers EF-006 & EF4i-006 

Vista Flame Pellet Stoves: VF 100

Replaces Vista Flame part numbers EF-006 & EF4i-006 

Regency Pellet Stoves: GF55, GFI55

Replaces Regency part numbers EF-006 & EF4i-006 

Napoleon Pellet Stoves: NPI40, NPI40-1, NPI45, NPS40, NPS40-1, NPS45

Replaces Napoleon part # W290-0113

Timberwolf Pellet Stoves: TPS35, TPI35

Replaces Timberwolf part # W290-0113


EPP part number 15-1033

Due to the delicate nature of this product, it does not carry a warranty. However, we do guarantee its safe delivery.