Warranty Form

Warranties only cover defects in manufacturing, not wear and tear, abuse, or human error. For example, if the glass breaks while being installed or a blower seizes after being incorrectly installed, the warranty claim will be denied. Examples of manufacturer defects include: an auger shaft breaking, a blower wheel melting or cracking, an electric motor not working upon receipt, or a circuit board that won’t power up.

Please Note the Following Warranty Conditions:
1. The warranty is void if the part is installed in a unit that is not listed as compatible or if the part has been modified in any way.
2. Parts are subject to testing before replacement or credit will be issued.
3. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the product. Energy Parts Plus is not responsible for the warranty. If a warranty is denied by the manufacturer, we have no recourse.
4. If we are unable to replicate the problem, the part will be returned to the dealer at their expense.
5. Dealer assumes all freight cost to return parts for warranty replacement.
6. Please allow 30 days for warranty credit to be issued.

Fill out the form below and be as detailed as possible. Attach any photos and/or video to support your claim. We will need all of this information to file the warranty. We will contact you as soon as possible if further troubleshooting steps are needed. You will receive an RA form within 1-2 business days of your submission.