Warranty Policy

Most items we sell have a warranty, but the warranty period will vary based on the product and manufacturer. If a warranty is denied, we have no recourse as the warranty is provided through the manufacturer, not Energy Parts Plus. For specific information on product warranty, please see the product page or reach out to us.

Warranties only cover defects in manufacturing, not wear and tear, abuse, or human error. For example, if the glass breaks while being installed or a blower seizes after being incorrectly installed, the warranty claim will be denied. Examples of manufacturer defects include: an auger shaft breaking, a blower wheel melting or cracking, an electric motor not working upon receipt, or a circuit board that won’t power up.

If you have received an item that you believe to be defective, please contact us as soon as possible, as warranty periods are only active for a short time after delivery. We will have you do some simple troubleshooting over the phone or via email to test the parts to confirm they are defective. To file the claim, we will need the make, model, and serial number for the unit the part was installed in. 

Dealers are responsible for the cost of returning the defective product for testing but we will cover the cost of sending you a replacement product once the claim has been returned and if it is approved. However, if the item is determined to be “good” with no defect, the dealer will be charged the return shipping or the part will be disposed of. If a part is installed in a brand or model other than what is listed in the parts description, the warranty will be null and void. Any tampering or modifications to a part also voids the warranty.