Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket - 6" Round (15-1015)

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Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket - 6" Round (15-1015)

Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket. This part has an outside diameter of 6" and an inside diameter of 5". Can be used with combustion blower part # 10-1114 and any combustion blower with a 6" mount and 6 bolt holes. Works with the following models:

Whitfield: Advantage I (WP2), Advantage II (WP2), Advantage II-T (WP2), Advantage II-T Classic (WP2), Advantage III (WP2), Advantage Plus (WP7), Explorer (WF1), Frontiersman (WF2), Legend (WP1), Quest (WP4)

Compatible with Whitfield Part # 61020015

Lennox: Winslow PI40, Winslow PS40

Compatible with Lennox Part # H5903

Breckwell: P20 Cadet, P22 Maverick, P22i Maverick, P23 Sonora, P23i Sonora, P24 Blazer, P24i Blazer, P26 Cadet, P32i Cadet, P1000 Big E, SP1002 Big E II, P2000 Tahoe, P2000i Tahoe, P4000 Classic Cast, SP6000 Heartland (2012 and newer), P2700 Mojave, P7000 Solstice, 

Compatible with Breckwell Part # C-G-105 and 88148

Enviro: EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5 (Evolution), Empress FS, Empress FPI, Meridian, Milan, Mini, P3, P4, Solus, Windsor

Compatible with Enviro Part # EF-012

Quadra-Fire: 1200 Classic Bay, 1200i Classic Bay Insert, Santa Fe, Santa Fe-B, Santa Fe Insert, Castile, Castile Insert, Contour 

Compatible with Quadrafire Part # 812-4710

Heatilator Eco-Choice: CAB50, PS35, PS50

Compatible with Heatilator Part # 812-4710

PelPro: PP60, PP70, PP130, PPC90, TSC90

Compatible with PelPro Part # 812-4710

Kozi: Baywin, Model 100, KSH, Previa

Compatible with Kozi Part # GKT00208

Regency: GF55, GFI55

Compatible with Regency Part # GF55-016

Hudson River: Chatham, Davenport, Kinderhook

Compatible with Hudson River Part # EF-012

US Stove: 5040 Pellet Heater, 5520 Pellet Heater, American Harvest 6033, American Harvest 6035, American Harvest 6037, American Harvest 6039, American Harvest 6041, Bay Front 5660, 5501S

Compatible with US Stove Part # 88148

Vogelzang: VG5770, VG5790

Compatible with US Stove Part # 88148

Ashley: AP5710, AP5770, AP5780, AP5790, APCI1406, Heritage 5600, Heritage 5700 

Compatible with US Stove Part # 88148

King: 5500, 5500XL, 5502M, 5510

Compatible with US Stove Part # 88148

Vista Flame: VF100, VF Windsor

Compatible with Vista Flame Part # EF-012

St. Croix: Afton Bay, Ashby-MF, Ashby-P, Auburn, Eclipse, Element-MF, Element-P, Greenfield, Hastings, Lancaster, Lincoln SCR, Lincoln SCS, Prescott, Revolution, SCF-050, York Insert, All Models 2003 and Earlier

Compatible with St. Croix Part # 80P60487-R

Napoleon: NPI40, NPI40-1, NPI45, NPS40, NPS40-1, NPS45

Compatible with Napoleon Part # W290-0120

Timberwolf: TPS35, TPI35

Compatible with Timberwolf Part # W290-0120

Avalon: 900 PI, 900 PS, Avanti PI, Avanti PS, Newport Bay PI, Newport PS

Compatible with Avalon Part # 99300135

Lopi: Fox Fire 400 PS, Fox Fire 400 PI, Fox Fire PS, Elan, Heritage Bay PS, Heritage Bay PI, Pioneer Bay PI, Pioneer PS

Compatible with Lopi Part # 99300135


Non-OEM part # 15-1032

Note: Can be used with any combustion blower with a 6" mount and 6 bolt holes.