Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket - 6" Round (15-1015)

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Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket - 6" Round (15-1015)

Fasco Combustion Blower Mounting Gasket. This part has an outside diameter of 6" and an inside diameter of 5". Can be used with combustion blower part # 10-1114 and any combustion blower with a 6" mount and 6 bolt holes. Works with the following models:

Breckwell: P20 Cadet, P22 Maverick, P22i Maverick, P23 Sonora, P23i Sonora, P24 Blazer, P24i Blazer, P26 Cadet, P32i Cadet, P1000 Big E, P2000 Tahoe, P2000i Tahoe, P4000 Classic Cast, P2700 Mojave, P7000 Solstice

Compatible with Breckwell Part # C-G-105

Enviro: EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5 (Evolution), Empress FS, Empress FPI, Meridian, Milan, Mini, Solus, Windsor

Compatible with Enviro Part # EF-012

Hudson River: Chatham, Davenport, Kinderhook

Compatible with Hudson River Part # EF-012

Kozi: Baywin, Model 100, KSH, Previa

Compatible with Kozi Part # GKT00208

Regency: GF55, GFI55

Compatible with Regency Part # GF55-016

US Stove: 5040 Pellet Heater

Compatible with US Stove Part # C-G-105

Vista Flame: VF100, VF Windsor

Compatible with Vista Flame Part # EF-012

Whitfield: Advantage I (WP2), Advantage II (WP2), Advantage II-T (WP2), Advantage II-T Classic (WP2), Advantage III (WP2), Advantage Plus (WP7), Explorer (WF1), Frontiersman (WF2), Legend (WP1), Quest (WP4)

Compatible with Whitfield Part # 61020015